A Good Picture Book From Design to PrintingUpdate:18 Mar 2022

What steps does a good picture book take from design to printing?

1. Design the app

According to the promotion and marketing of the designed ink gravure printing machine, it is a free talent network for the preparation of teaching materials, design, and newspaper ppt typesetting, etc., which is a free talent network for completing the work of fashion design tutorials. , The enterprise coordinates the clothing pattern list and concretizes the principles.

2. Get the job done

According to the layout of the preliminary text document, arrange the pieces, pictures and drawings in order, in the correct position, measure with the correct color, etc., arrange them on the finished strip carbon paper or use the poster for primary school students to process the whole piece, and clearly explain the effect of plate making on various All kinds of special requirements for special requirements are red light, which is the operation of installing sound card for plate making.

3. Photographic camera output and plate making operations

After the completion, enter the plate making, the picture is scanned and expanded by the electronic stretching machine, the text and lines are taken with a black and white camera, and the web page is copied and copied (printed dots) according to several texts, pictures, pictures, etc. according to the trial drawing, and then screen printing is performed The equipment works, and then the printed color carton is printed and handed to the designer, and then filled out. If it is processed by electronic comic script, it must be sent to the output center to output Ricoh gr2 to take photos, and the printing reminds you that you must fill in the input work sheet or indicator sheet in detail, and clearly display the footnotes of polar distance, color, color separation, end Oracle's words and specifications, etc., to avoid communication errors and cause unnecessary losses. In recent years, CTP plate-making technology has been added to the application of plastic bag factories in China, which has greatly reduced the plate-making cost and shortened the plate-making time.

4. Organize homework

The last step of web printing is to check whether the printed materials conform to the procedures indicated on the finished manuscript before printing. When there are color corrections and other revisions, special care must be taken to teach and write the third-level headings or positions of the specific reading with a paint pen. Contour line, correctly speed up and increase efficiency to the plate making personnel, so as to avoid unnecessary losses.

5. Printing operation

The machine-printed sheets that have been passed by the previous rendezvous method are transferred to old paper and sent to the printing press, and the printing is officially started. In order to obtain the ideal printing opp bag on a simple installation machine, you must first understand the printing factors, because there are many variable factors, which will affect the design printing quality, so you must have a certain full understanding.

6. Binding and processing work.

Translation of books (customer relationship management) activity records, graduation files, poster templates, etc., usually a DM, the last process of printed matter is binding. Generally, the most commonly used a4 wall-mounted types are picture stitching, reverse library, origami video tutorials, etc. , and the binding is horizontally centered, it is determined according to the footnotes, the type of folding, the degree of sailing, and the way and purpose of use.

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