A Hot Selling Seawind Stationery PU NotebookUpdate:04 Nov 2020

Huangyan Huifeng seawind stationery has won wide acclaim from users and merchants at home and abroad for its beautiful shape, exquisite packaging, super decontamination function and excellent paper quality. Let's take a look at this product together:

Product name: seawind stationery pu notebook

1) Cover size: 145*210MM, customized

2) Cover material: PU leather to mount 250 white cards

3) Paper G number: Huajing white paper 80g156 sheets, gram weight can be customized

4) Inner core printing: calendar printing

5) Binding: Locking plastic bindinga

6) Other instructions: excellent quality, fast delivery, safe packaging.

product detail presentation:

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It's not just a notebook, it's a bit of grind. It is not just a memory, it is a mottled golden years, it is not only knowledge, but a precious experience of precipitation.

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The characters typed by the computer are only a form, but the text recorded by oneself is a permanent change since I met Huifeng.

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