About The Characteristics of Paperback NotebooksUpdate:08 Oct 2021

First of all, about the characteristics of paperback notebooks:

The English name of the flat notebook is Paperback Notebook. Generally, a paperback notebook is also called a hardcover notebook. It is a kind of hard paper or leather as the cover, which is not easy to be stained and is good for long-term preservation.

The first appearance of paperback notebooks:

Paperback notebooks appeared in the Qing Dynasty. Books such as the Bible and the Code of Law were first introduced into China from the West.

Features of paperback notebooks:

The biggest feature of paperback notebooks is that the cover is sturdy, which can well protect the inner pages. The inner core is generally locked with a needle, and then a cloth strip is used to stick the inner core together to strengthen the connection between the inner core and the envelope.

The spine of a paperback notebook is generally divided into a flat spine and a round spine.

1. Flat ridge: suitable for hard paper lining with flat shape

2. Round ridge: suitable for linings with better toughness such as leather.

There are several ways to do paperback notebooks:

Hemming car line paperback notebooks, loose-edged paperback notebooks, hardcover notebooks, mounted notebooks

The following is about paperback notebooks

The best way to distinguish paperback notebooks is the next page line below, which is not found in loose-leaf notebooks.

We can see that the overall structure of the inner pages is relatively simple, consistent with the book structure we usually read. Inside, there are glue-mounted lock lines to connect each page together.

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