Advantages and Disadvantages of Coated Paper And Its UseUpdate:08 Jul 2022

As soon as you hear it, coated paper feels like printing paper. Sure enough, it is commonly known as "coated paper", and its stage name is "coated art printing paper". It is known as one of the best paper in printing paper.

The whiteness of the paper is high, it feels quite smooth, and you can feel the paper fibers that are evenly distributed and of the same thickness. It is said that the paper has low stretchability, strong elasticity and water resistance, and can absorb ink well.

Coated paper

Suitable for use: cover, illustration book / photo book inner page

Weight range: common 80g (thin and soft) - 350g (stiff)


A. The paper is delicate and the least prone to color cast, suitable for printing color pictures/photos;

B. has a wide choice of gram weights and is widely used. 80-128 grams can be used to print the inner page, and 200-350 grams can also be used as a cover;

C. is cheap.


A. The copper plate of the same thickness is slightly heavier than other papers (think about the fashion magazines that are overweight and difficult to hold), and the postage will be more expensive;

B. is too common, and bright copper may seem cheap to some people because it is more reflective and has no texture.

Common classification:

①Single copper / double copper: the difference between the texture of single-sided or double-sided copper plate. The texture of the two sides of the single copper is different, that is, the texture of the coated paper and the printing paper.

②Bright copper/dumb copper: Bright copper is also called bright copper, and dumb copper is also called dumb powder or matt copper. The difference between the two is probably like lip glaze and lipstick, bright copper is more reflective.

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