Brand Story Of Moleskine Style NotebookUpdate:24 Jan 2020

Moleskine is a handmade notebook made by the Italian company Moleskine. Moleskine on the mainland market is basically a luxury product. Moleskine is also unique in that it has a rubber band to tighten the notebook, and the stitched spine makes the paper flat when the notebook is opened, and the paper has rounded corners.

Moleskine can be said to be a better-quality notebook. Hemingway, Picasso, and Van Gogh have used this book to write novels and draw pictures.

MOLESKINE (pronounced mol-a-skeen) is derived from the meaning of moleskin in French. From Van Gogh to Picasso, from American writer Emest Hemingway to French painter Henri Matisse, there are many very representative figures. Many of their manuscripts, notes, plans, ideas Even emotions were recorded and stored on this most reliable pocket travel companion before being sublimated into famous paintings and shocking works.

As two centuries of Vincent. Van Gogh, Pablo; Picasso, Ernest. Hemingway and Bruce. Successor to legendary notebooks from artists and thinkers such as Chateau, the simple rounded rectangular black shape of MOLESKINE® notebooks, elastic bands, stretchable inner pockets, and professional acid-free paper inside pages are the perfect notebooks Characteristics. This legendary notebook was produced by a small binder in France and supplied to a stationery store in Paris for more than two centuries.

During his stay in Paris, Van Gogh used 7 Moleskine notebooks, all of which included hand-drawn sketches and even completed works, including his famous works "Vase with Sixteen Sunflowers" and "Vase with Twelve Sunflowers". Exhibition at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. Being highly sought after by the world's top art and literary avant-garde at the time, proved that Moleskine was indeed attractive.

Moleskine style notebook    symbolize a long-standing family of notebooks, diaries, and city guides. This flexible and simple excellent communication tool can be used for daily or special occasions, and gradually merges into an important part of the user's unique personality. Zhejiang Huangyan Huifeng Stationery Co., Ltd. is a professional Chinese manufacturer and supplier of Moleskine style notebooks. Welcome to consult and buy: