Can Kraft Paper Be Laminated?Update:05 Nov 2021

Kraft paper was made of calfskin in the earliest days, and most of today's kraft paper is made of wood pulp.

Kraft paper is brownish-yellow, and the paper contains slender wood fibers, so the burst resistance is better than ordinary paper, and it has a certain degree of moisture and water resistance. Most kraft paper is acid-free, and the main damage to the paper is the active acid. Therefore, the kraft paper notebook will be stronger and more durable than ordinary notebooks, and it will be stored for a longer time without deterioration.

There is a kind of kraft paper on the market with a layer of film. This is a secondary processing of kraft paper base paper. The kraft paper is covered with a layer of PE film. The industry calls this kraft paper coated kraft paper. Due to the existence of this layer of plastic film, the kraft paper has good oil and moisture resistance, and the coated kraft paper is the most widely used in the field of paper bags and food packaging.

Huifeng has a large number of coated base paper, which is very suitable for secondary coating. Many customers will purchase the base paper from Jiali, and then carry out the laminating process by itself or out of the processing plant.

The production cost of kraft paper is much lower than common paper such as coated paper and double offset paper. Therefore, purchasing kraft paper as packaging paper will be more affordable and can greatly save production costs.

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