Characteristics and Application of Coated PaperUpdate:31 Aug 2021

As a common hardcover notebook material, what are the characteristics of coated paper?

1. Use moulded paper as the core of the paper, also called powdered paper. A layer of paint is added to the surface and made by super calendering to fill up the fiber gaps on the paper.

2. The surface of the paper is slippery, coated with gloss, and the printing effect is good. It is usually used to print color prints such as fashion magazines.

3. Coated paper is not resistant to folding. Once creases appear, it is extremely difficult to restore.

4. Common 105-300g, coated paper with a basis weight of 90-250g;

5. It is divided into double-sided copperplate and single-sided copperplate paper. There are three product numbers: special number, number one, and number two. Special coated paper is used for delicate products with more than 150 grams of mesh; No. 1 coated paper is used for products with 120-150 mesh; No. 2 coated paper can print products with less than 120 grams of mesh.

6. Among them, matt art paper is coated on the surface of the art paper to make it non-reflective.

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