Classification And Application of Kraft PaperUpdate:21 Oct 2020

Kraft paper is a tough, water-resistant packaging paper. It is brown and has a wide range of uses. It is often used to make paper bags, envelopes, workbooks, record sleeves, files and sandpaper.


Kraft paper usually keeps its yellowish-brown color and is suitable for bags and wrapping paper. Depending on the nature and use, kraft paper has various uses. Kraft paper is a general term for a kind of paper, and there is no certain specification, and it is generally classified according to its nature and use.

According to the different colors, it can be divided into: primary color kraft paper, red kraft paper, white kraft paper, flat kraft paper, single-gloss kraft paper, two-color kraft paper, etc.

According to different uses, it can be divided into: packaging kraft paper, waterproof kraft paper, moisture-proof kraft paper, anti-rust kraft paper, pattern-making kraft paper, process kraft paper, insulating kraft paper, kraft stickers, etc.

According to different materials, it can be divided into: recycled kraft paper, kraft core paper, kraft base paper, rough kraft paper, kraft wax paper, wood pulp kraft paper, composite kraft paper, etc.


With the strengthening of environmental protection awareness, the consumption of natural color paste products as environmentally friendly paper has been increasing year by year, and the market prospect is promising. Exquisite kraft paper is suitable for packaging of various high-end commodities, such as gift boxes for wine boxes, sportswear, etc.; archives, such as culture, education and hygiene, archive preservation of enterprises and institutions, etc.; standard envelopes, such as common postal special seals; can also be processed for shopping Bags, such as shopping bags commonly found in shopping malls and brand stores, or noodle paper for cardboard.

When autoclaving the microbial culture medium, use moisture-proof paper or kraft paper to wrap the cotton plug of the test tube with the nozzle upward to prevent the cotton plug from getting wet during sterilization. Kraft paper is used because it can effectively waterproof and ensure that the test tube is not wet.

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