Coated Paper is Generally Used As Cover PaperUpdate:09 Sep 2020

Today we come to understand the knowledge of book publishing and binding. If you are interested, just read on:

Common sense of paper

1. Paper weight The thickness of the paper is expressed in grams/m2. The larger the gram, the thicker the paper. The content paper for our personalized publishing and printing is generally 80g book paper.

2. Paper category

1. Book paper-is one of the most commonly used inner page papers. The color is white, suitable for printing in various colors. Personalized publishing is used to print books through digital printing. Generally, 80g book paper is selected.

2. Newsprint-paper for inner pages, commonly known as white newspaper, with yellowish color, suitable for mass printing that does not require long-term storage.

3. Coated paper-generally used as cover paper, printed paper processed from base paper with white paint. It is often used for printing book illustrations and covers. There are single-sided coated paper and double-sided coated paper. We personalize The cover paper for publishing and printing is generally 250g double-sided coated paper.

Binding knowledge

1. The cover of paperback and hardcover paperback is printed with thicker soft paper, so it is also called soft cover book; while the cover of hardcover book is mostly printed with rigid cardboard or wood, so it is also called For hardcover books. Compared with paperback books, hardcover books have better binding materials, more refined binding craftsmanship, and stronger durability.

2. Binding method

1. Horse-riding nails, separate the pages printed in two consecutive pages, and nail wire nails at the back seam of the folded pages to lock them into a book by bending hooks. If the number of pages of the manuscript is less than 64 pages, saddle stitching is generally used.

2. Glue binding, align the loose pages, apply glue on the spine to make the loose pages stick firmly, and add the cover and back cover to the outside.

3. Lock thread glue binding, divide the whole book into several stacks, fold each stack in half with thread and staple, and then arrange them together, apply glue on the spine to make each stack stick firmly, and then add the cover and back cover on the outside. Books with more than 300 pages.

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