Custom Notebook Logo, What Are The Options For Craftsmanship?Update:09 Sep 2022

With the rise of notebooks as cultural and creative gifts, more and more companies use notebooks as cultural propaganda and inheritance. So today, I would like to introduce you to the custom notebook logo, what are the craftsmanship? Which hardcover notebook processes are commonly used, today I will introduce you one by one.

1. Embossed logo

There are several kinds of custom notebook logo crafts that we most commonly use: embossed logo, hot stamping and silver logo, printing logo, silk screen logo, UV printing logo, epoxy logo and so on. So what's the difference between these logo crafts? The first is the embossing of the logo. The embossing is formed under the force of the copper mold to produce concave and convex shapes on the cover of the notebook. Embossing the logo can not only form text, but also form patterns. All kinds of beautiful patterns can basically be embossed, but the disadvantage is that the embossing is formed, and the color will be single.

2. Gold stamping logo

The second commonly used process for custom notebook logo process is: bronzing process. Bronzing will make an ordinary notebook become high-end and atmospheric, and the color of gold is eye-catching. The bronzing process is to press the notebook cover at a certain high temperature through gold paper under the action of the copper mold, and the bronzing logo process has a wider application range. Not only on leather, but also on cloth, felt, silk, etc.

3. Color printing

The third commonly used process for custom notebook logos is color printing, which requires lower costs for multiple colors of the cover. It can realize the combination of text or patterns in different colors on the cover of the notebook. It gives people a distinct feeling, so it is also common in notebook logo craftsmanship.

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