Diary Kraft Paper Hardcover NotebookUpdate:14 Oct 2022

Notebooks are a common business gift, with LOGO printed on the cover, which is not only an elegant and practical cultural office gift, but also a carrier to promote corporate image and spread product advertisements.

This kraft paper hardcover notebook is made of environmentally friendly kraft paper on the cover, showing a retro temperament as a whole. The inside is made of high-quality beige Daolin paper, which has a delicate feel and smooth writing. As a professional hardcover notebook manufacturer, Huifeng provides monochrome printing services, and can customize corporate LOGO, icons, text or QR codes, etc. It is suitable for enterprises, organizations, schools, etc. in various industries.


1. Perfect Size Slim Fit: Perfect for taking notes during class meetings or women's recess, small size and fully lined to carry.

2. High Quality Leather Notebooks: These journals are made of high quality paper to prevent ink penetration and are fully lined.

3. Easy to carry: Small, can be put into pocket or purse, easy to carry.

4. Booklet Great Value: 100 This issue is packaged in a periodical package that can last a long time at an important classroom function, meeting, or women's vacation.

5. Sturdy Kraft Paper for Writing Projects: The journal can be folded open and written without worrying about the pages falling off or tearing easily.

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