Enterprise Hardcover Notebook CustomizationUpdate:07 Oct 2020

Environmentalism is not just a slogan nowadays. In modern life, as people's ideas and concepts improve, environmental protection is everywhere in every corner of life. Huangyan Huifeng's environmentalism is not only a green printing certification, but also an important part of it is the use of environmentally friendly and reliable raw materials throughout the process to present customers with exquisite hardcover notebook art.

In fact, many of Huangyan Huifeng's customers are not only in Europe, but in time domestically, they have also begun to pay attention to environmentally friendly printing. Whenever customers mention the keyword of environmentally friendly printing, we will think of the printing materials paper and completely non-toxic and harmless inks that have been used.

Huangyan Huifeng is responsible to customers based on the social environment. Each paper raw material is sourced carefully. Each index has passed through formal channels, passed various inspections and has qualified and valid certificates. At the same time, each of our processes will be arranged accordingly. The raw material control personnel of the company are responsible for random inspections or large-scale inspections based on the process review results of each hardcover order. They are checked at various levels to strictly prevent the inflow of bad raw materials.

Throughout the process, Huangyan Huifeng will follow the concept of ecology, energy saving and emission reduction, and integrate it into the printing process, the functions of the hardcover products, and the waste disposal.

If you need a customized hardcover notebook, Huangyan Huifeng can provide you with a high-quality product: Moleskine style notebook.