Features and Uses of Single Light Kraft PaperUpdate:12 Feb 2022

What kind of paper is single light kraft paper?

The surface of the kraft paper is like a paper with a layer of film or wax oil. In fact, there is no film or oil on the surface of single-gloss kraft paper, but the surface has been hard calendered, and the surface is uncoated and the surface brightness is smooth and delicate. The surface of single-gloss kraft paper is very bright, smooth and delicate, and the printing effect is more colorful.

Features and uses of single light kraft paper

There is a difference between single-sided kraft paper and single-sided kraft paper. They are two different types of paper. Single-sided kraft paper has the characteristics of bright surface and single-sided light, while single-sided kraft paper is only suitable for single-sided printing or use. Single-sided kraft paper has different colors on both sides, and the common box board kraft paper is this type of paper.

What are the single light kraft paper?

Single-gloss kraft paper refers to single-sided glossy kraft paper, and in addition to natural color, brown-yellow, and white kraft paper, that is, single-gloss white kraft paper.

What is the weight of single light kraft paper?

The gram weight of single-gloss kraft paper ranges from 30 grams to 80 grams for common thickness, and 80 grams to 180 grams are also produced, and the amount used in the market is relatively small.

How many degrees of whiteness does single light white kraft paper have?

There are mainly two kinds of whiteness. Single-gloss white kraft paper is also available in food-grade non-fluorescent and high-white with fluorescent agent. Single-gloss white kraft paper can be a good substitute for coated paper. Single light white cow has bright surface, good gloss, no coating layer will not drop powder, made of long fiber wood pulp, good stiffness, high tensile strength and breaking strength; suitable for products with high quality requirements.

In summary, single-gloss kraft paper and single-sided kraft paper are different types of paper. The surface of single-gloss kraft paper will not drop powder without coating, the surface is hard calendered and has good gloss, good fiber length and stiffness, good tensile strength, and bursting strength. High, suitable for food packaging, digital printing, paper bags, labels, etc.

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