Five Characteristics of Seawind Stationery MarketUpdate:30 Sep 2020

At present, the market development of seawind stationery industry is highlighting five major characteristics:

1. The market has great potential and purchasing power increases. There are about 190 million primary and middle school students in my country, 40 million college and middle school students, 5 million adult students, and 34 million leaders of enterprises and institutions. The development of the society requires the further enhancement of the cultural and educational quality of the people, the substantial increase in education investment, and the stationery industry has a very broad consumer market.

2. A diversified, multi-level consumption structure of stationery, sports and sports goods has been formed, and it is developing towards high-end products.

3. With the development of computer network technology, new changes have taken place in traditional office and learning methods.

4. In terms of commodity circulation, foreign-funded enterprises have entered the wholesale and retail industry, such as Wal-Mart and Yichu Lianhua. They also have a strong momentum of development in e-commerce.

5. Government procurement has expanded from trial operation to general behavior. Higher-value office supplies such as copiers and fax machines will soon be included in the scope of government procurement, and ordinary office supplies will gradually be included in the scope of government procurement.

With the gradual maturity of stationery stores and specialized markets, the influence of the wholesale market has gradually diminished. This requires operators to extend their management level and service connotation to the top. Brand-based mid-to-high-end products will become the mainstream of consumption. In addition, as people’s awareness of environmental protection increases, non-toxic and stationery products made from recycled materials will also Will become the mainstream of consumption.

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