Hardcover Notebook: The Benefits Of Unified NotesUpdate:09 Jul 2020

The reason why unified notes can be used continuously is not only because there is no need to waste time to sort and organize. Another very important reason is that you do not need special psychological preparation. Because all the information is recorded in a notebook, you only need to bring this notebook with you when you go out, and you will find everything you want. Such thinking will make you feel more at ease and make your actions more leisurely.

Advantages 1. Recording is easy.

Any ideas that make you shine, daily news, life perceptions, reading thoughts, learning experiences, even daily life logs, etc., can be randomly recorded in this volume of notes, and there is no need to classify the information, so Organizing it saves time and effort, and does not cause information confusion.



Advantage 2. Find peace of mind.

Compared with sorting and sorting, unified notes are as long as you complete a volume of notes, and at the same time make a catalog, label, or electronic index of the corresponding topic, you can easily find what you need. You will never get restless because you can't remember which category it belongs to.



Advantage 3. High degree of freedom, can be adjusted at will.

Sorting and sorting information requires different types of notebooks. It can be said that there are many and messy. It is really not a worry to remember all kinds of notebooks.

Unifying notes completely subverts this tradition. You can choose a notebook you like. There is no fixed size and style. Even each notebook can be different. This freely adjustable height is not more enjoyable. Reassure and like it?



Advantage 4. It is effortless to persist.

It is precisely because the unified notes have the advantages of being easy to record, safe to find, and highly free to adjust at will, so that it is less laborious to persist, saves time and effort, why not do it?

In fact, the advantages of unified notes are far more than those mentioned above, for example: the recorded content can be handwritten, you can paste any content you want to paste-newspaper clippings, book girdle, coupons, shopping bills; excerpt + comment records Way, it can deepen the memory and understanding of the content; and, it helps to recall the situation and the content of the conversation at that time, thereby inspiring more creative inspiration


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