Hot Stamping Process DescriptionUpdate:27 Dec 2019

Hot stamping, also known as "hot stamping". A printing decoration process. The metal printing plate is heated, foiled, and gold text or patterns are embossed on the printed matter. With the rapid development of hot stamping foil and packaging industry, the application of anodized aluminum hot stamping is becoming more and more widespread. Such as: notepad hot stamping, gift box stamping, tobacco, wine, clothing trademarks and boxes stamping, greeting cards, invitations, pen stamping, etc., there are many colors and patterns, and special editions can be customized according to specific requirements. The base material for hot stamping includes general paper, ink printing paper such as gold and silver ink, plastic (PE, PP, PVC, engineering plastics such as ABS, etc.), leather, wood and other special materials.


Anodized aluminum hot stamping foil is mainly used to transfer patterns or text to the surface of the hot stamped material by applying heat and pressure. To complete this process, a hot stamping machine, a hot stamping template (such as a zinc plate, a copper plate, a silicone plate, etc.) engraved with special characters or patterns, is required to heat to the required temperature, transfer the required pressure and maintain the corresponding time.




The pattern is clear, beautiful, colorful, eye-catching, wear-resistant and weather-resistant. On printed cigarette labels, the application of bronzing process accounts for more than 85%. Gilding in graphic design can play the role of finishing touch and highlight the design theme, especially for trademarks, registered names, the effect is more significant.




1. Ordinary gold and laser gold stamping. Can be used for most products, including gold, silver, laser and glass cards, and its application is more common.

2. Positioning holographic bronzing. Holographic laser positioning anodized aluminum is a special process application in design and has corresponding anti-counterfeiting patterns, which can greatly improve the anti-counterfeiting ability of the product, and at the same time improve the grade of the product. This anodized aluminum is generally produced domestically. Compared with foreign imports, the price is cheaper, but the bronzing performance is slightly worse. Holographic laser positioning of anodized aluminum has a great relationship with the control of hot stamping temperature, hot stamping pressure and vehicle speed, even the hot stamping models.

3. Special applications of anodized aluminum. Hot stamping followed by printing is a new idea in cigarette label design and printing industry. The application of this process places high demands on anodized aluminum.

4. Direct bronzing on the surface of UV varnish. The process itself has very high requirements for UV varnish and bronzing anodized aluminum. When coating varnish, pay attention to controlling the amount of oil, and try to ensure that the entire batch of product varnish coating is relatively stable, and the oil layer is thin and flat ; For anodized aluminum used for bronzing, high temperature resistance, good adhesion, and good bronzability with varnish are required (the type of resin used in varnish and the heat in anodized aluminum Melt glue to match). In all products, the scope of this process is relatively small. In addition, the anodized aluminum on gold, silver ink, and matt oil also has high requirements on the hot-stamped surface and hot-dip anodized aluminum. Or the surface is rough, will directly affect the normal progress of bronzing.


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