How Much Do You Know about Thermo PU Leather?Update:21 Sep 2021

What kind of material is thermo PU leather and what are its performance characteristics? Where is it usually applied? Let's take a look.

After this kind of leather is subjected to the thermal pressure of the hot press, the surface of the leather is subjected to a similar carbonization reaction, imitating the imprint left by the scorched leather at high temperature, resulting in a deeper color gradation of the hot pressed surface, so it is called Discoloration leather.

Production process: This is to add thermo resin to the PU surface layer and BASE layer of the leather, after infiltration. After processing, it is made of release paper veneer or embossing and printing.

The thermo PU leather feels comfortable and has a certain degree of damping. After the heat press of the heat press, the color gradation of the back layer will become darker. For example: red to dark red, grass green to dark green, orange to dark yellow, earth yellow to coffee, and purple to black. It is mostly used to make notepads, diaries, and manager folders.

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