How To Choose Paper For Handmade Notebook?Update:16 Jul 2020

Before deciding on the paper to be used in a handmade notebook, consider its intended use (or if your book is a gift, please make a good guess) and consider the following:


The most important thing to decide when choosing the paper weight is which media you plan to use. If it is a dry medium such as pencil, graphite or colored pencil, please use heavy paper (70lb/105gsm), sketch paper or drawing paper. If you plan to use a pen, marker or pen, choose the heavier version (80lb/130gsm).


If you plan to use any type of wet media, such as ink, spray, watercolor or acrylic paint, please choose a strong paper that can withstand water without bending, such as 98lb/160gsm mixed media paper, or for wet jobs. 140lb / 330gsm watercolor paper. If your budget allows, then 100% cotton paper is very suitable for this kind of work.


Calligraphers like the thin (52gsm) Japanese paper Tomoe River. If you want to create an album or scrapbook, 80-100 pounds of cover paper (heavier than text paper) is a good choice.



Also, consider the media you use when choosing the finish on the paper. One extreme is cold-pressed and handmade watercolor paper, which has a high texture and marvelous effect on certain painting styles, while the other extreme is smooth (sometimes called flat or satin) paper, which can show details well , Is ideal for writing. Those who paint often choose things with small teeth (sometimes called eggshells). I used to make sketchbooks with handmade watercolor paper and tried to use colored pencils on the page-this is a big mistake. There are so many ridges on the paper that the pencil "slips" through these areas, forming a piece of chaos!



If you want to create a travel diary or notebook that you want to carry, it must be smaller and easier to operate. If your book will stay in the office, home or studio, you can use a larger format. Having said that, some people just like big work or small work, so please consider the size manual that was suitable for you in the past. With this in mind, choose the paper size for your project. Without a very large paper cutter or cutter, it can be cumbersome to cut a large sheet of paper into a 4-inch x 6-inch book. Instead, buy mats or pre-cut sheets that only need to be torn or cut.



When you buy paper from a good online paper supplier, they will tell you the direction of the texture in the description. If not, it is worth checking with the supplier before it is shipped to you, especially when you plan to use it for very specific projects. I recently forgot this, and ordered 500 sheets of 9" x 12" paper and found that the paper texture is too long, which means the widest folding post I can make is 4.5 inches. I have always planned to make 6-inch x 9-inch books. I should check it out!


I hope this helps you start choosing the right paper for the right notebook.



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