How to Classify Common Notebooks?Update:03 Dec 2021

How to classify common notebooks?

1. We can roughly divide the notebook into loose-leaf and fixed-page. The loose-leaf is the content inside that can be replaced, and the fixed page cannot be replaced.

The loose-leaf is divided into strap type and binding type. The strap type, such as Minor's NT, is the most classic replaceable handbook. The inner page is like a rubber band tied to the shell, which is very convenient to replace. For the binding type, the replacement core is usually perforated, and it is also very convenient to disassemble, such as Hobo and FF. The disadvantage is that it will definitely be slightly larger than the strap type, and it is easy to explode (that is, if the inner page is plugged, the whole will be destroyed. No matter how many pages in the NT plug, it looks round at best).

The fixed page is divided into the integral type and the separate type. The overall type does not need to be explained. A notebook is a notebook. You can buy one after you use it. There is nothing to replace or replace. In fact, I really like this one. It is convenient No brains, such as Moleskine and Lighthouse. If the original skin is separated, the outer skin is just a shell, just like a book cover, and the inside is a replacement core, such as Hobo. There are many styles of outer skin that can be replaced at will.

2. According to the style of the book?

The dot matrix notebook was first created by the German brand LEUCHTTURM1917. It is suitable for regulation and control. Some people draw curves to record the change process of pure white type, which is to record their own graffiti. They can be edited as they like. It is especially suitable for designers to graffiti. The grid type is a grid, which is especially suitable for interaction designers or engineers. Visual designers are also good for drawing icons. The horizontal type is ordinary writing on a horizontal line, neatly arranged in a row, suitable for memorizing to-dos or memos.

3. Common size?

The most commonly used sizes are Large and Pocket. Large is about the size of A5, the size of a standard notebook, and you can carry a smaller one with you into the Pocket, which is about the size of A6, which literally means a notebook in your pocket.

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