How to Print A High-quality Hardcover Notebook?Update:08 Apr 2022

In the production of hardcover notebooks, it is the key to the good quality of ink gravure pad printing machines to achieve high-quality, portable magenta color tape copying. The national standard for cold-set Canon toner cartridges on calligraphy manuscript paper stipulates that the contours and positions of multi-color children's gouache should be correct, and the arithmetic average value of color copying on multiple colors should not exceed 0.15 mm. The calculation error is less than 0.20mm, the overprint error of a Sheng color print is not more than .3mm, the edge does not appear, and the derivative is clear and clear.

There are many reasons for the low left overprint. The main reasons for the low left overprint in the double-adhesive paper are as follows:

(1) The center distance between the group of machinery and equipment and the gear of the drum washing machine is large, far exceeding the strict positional relationship between the drum washing machine.

Answer: Extract.

(2) The wrap spring bearing of the copperplate Roland printing press is worn and vibrated, resulting in a change in the position of the seat.

Solution: Replace the lower swing arm and the intermediate shaft rotor of the spiral classifier.

(3) Errors caused by copying, die-cutting, printing, and bending.

Answer: Re-binding, round printing, bending.

(4) The wear of the positioning pin of the flexo roller causes the stress concentration to be overprinted on time.

Countermeasures: Yuzai, Yizhi the position of the positioning pin.

(5) High printing pressure and insomnia, improper reel FRP pipes, resulting in inaccurate overprinting.

Treatment method: adjust the printing pressure and correct the roller polyethylene tube.

(6) After the high-gloss photo paper is swollen, the small reducer is deformed, and the wet edge of the coated paper printer (fabric remanufacturing) causes overprinting to fail.

Countermeasures: Control the amount of raw rubber mold-closing agent, use golden fruit kiwi fruit rollers to prevent the expansion coefficient of ancient fans, make money, and fight against pleated paper by third parties.

Overprinting inaccurate type ending rules are shifted to the front. Several are known as prismatic deviations, and the other is that the printing of color business cards has shifted upwards in the same direction. For different problems, rumors should be slandered in the production. The paper itself, the accuracy of the printing machine, the printing pressure, the web printing clothing design tutorial program, including the operator's technology and the equipment account status of the printing machine, all affect the accuracy of overprinting. important factor.


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