Huifeng Played A New Trick With The NotebookUpdate:27 Jan 2021

Because mobile phones are becoming more and more popular, coupled with the widespread use of pads and laptops, many people have already had a problem, that is, forgetting words when they lift their pens. Except for the need for work and study, I rarely write a few more words, so I used to think that the words are like people, but now they are not accurate.

However, some people retain their persistence in writing. They like to keep track of their days and write accounts. They are keen to record their inner thoughts and stories, such as design, writing, and the art industry. A little bit of inspiration and a little picture need to be presented by handwriting. come out. A pen, a notebook and a set of thoughts may be the prototype of perfect work.

This time Huifeng will focus on recommending the introduction of the notebook. Many stationery control notebooks have a better understanding of well-known brands at home and abroad. This time it not only involves famous brands, but also emphasizes that it is easy to use and unique. Such a book is the condition for being selected into the Xiaolijiang recommended list. For example, MOLESKINE did not push it out this time, but it felt that there was a little tricky. Let's take a look at the 9 carefully selected ones. If you like the book, you can accept it.

①Coated paper with full color printing hardcover notebook

②Special custom strips hardcover notebook

③Kraft paper hardcover notebook

④Thermo PU leather softcover notebook with gold stamping

⑤Thermo PU leather notebook

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