Identification and Characteristics of Thermo PU LeatherUpdate:09 Oct 2022

How to identify PU leather?

1. Hand feel: It is to touch the leather surface by hand, if it is smooth, soft, plump, and soft, it is leather; and general synthetic leather is poor in astringency, rigidity, and flexibility.

2. See also: leather surface also has clearer hair, patterns, brown leather has more symmetrical pores, yak skin has coarse and sparse pores, goat skin has fish scale pores.

3. Odor: All leather has a leather odor; and artificial leather has a strong pungent plastic odor.

4. Ignite: tear a little fiber from the back of genuine leather, after ignition, it emits a pungent smell, the knot is artificial leather; all the hair stinks, no knot is real leather.

The identification of artificial leather and synthetic leather has the above four basic identification methods. In order to compare the identification of artificial leather, synthetic leather is obvious.

In addition, artificial leather and synthetic leather also have the following characteristics:

1. Press the leather surface with your fingers, there are no obvious pores and wrinkles, such as wrinkles after pressing, they will not disappear obviously and naturally.

2. The leather has no pores, which is an important feature to identify real and fake leather.

3. Cut the burning corners, taste the smell of hair instead of coke.

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