Introduce The Craftsmanship of Three Hardcover NotebooksUpdate:19 Oct 2021

With the development of technology, there are more and more patterns of hardcover notebooks, so today we will introduce three different notebook crafts. If you are interested, please read on:

1. Hot stamping (also called embossing) commonly known as hot stamping

The surface of gifts is hot stamped with text and patterns (with color) of materials such as colored foil, including colorless hot stamping, monochrome hot stamping, mixed hot stamping and overprinting. Advantages: clear patterns, smooth surface, straight lines, beautiful appearance, bright and eye-catching colors, modern sense; wear-resistant, weather-resistant, with many colors and patterns, and special editions can be customized according to specific requirements. Disadvantages: The disadvantage of hot embossing is that it requires high temperature and high pressure, and even under high temperature and high pressure for a long time, for some patterns, it can only cause incomplete displacement of the polymer, that is, it cannot completely fill the cavity of the seal. Application range: Hot stamping is generally used on paper, fabric, leather and other gift packaging. Hot stamping of book covers, stamping of gift boxes, stamping of trademarks and boxes of cigarettes, wine, clothing, stamping of greeting cards, invitations, pens, etc.

2. Thermal transfer

Advantages: It is especially suitable for producing a small number of various personalized and customized products, and printing patterns containing full-color images or photos. A digital printer that can print on any relatively flat materials such as leather, textile fabrics, plexiglass, metal, plastic, crystal, wood products, copperplate paper, etc., with one-time multi-color, arbitrary complex color, and transitional color printing, with complete graphics , Rich layers, small color difference, etc. It is very suitable for printing pictures that require color transition. Disadvantages: Not all products can be printed with thermal transfer printing, which involves factors such as heat resistance and smoothness of the product. Professional heat transfer equipment is required. For ceramics, metals and other items, a heat transfer layer is required on the surface. Applications: clothes, cloth bags, hats, pillows, mugs, tiles, watches, mouse pads, coasters, hanging calendars, medals, pennants,... etc. hundreds of products.

3. Sublimation

Advantages: rich patterns, bright colors, small chromatic aberration, lifelike, soft hand feeling, strong three-dimensional feeling. High temperature resistant, washable, and never fade. Disadvantages: The cost is relatively high compared to others. Application range: Mainly suitable for white or light-colored polyester cotton, woven fabric, flannel, polyester, denim, knitted, Oxford cloth, canvas, leather and all other fabrics.

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