Introduction To The Scope of Application of Gold Stamping PaperUpdate:29 Jul 2022

Gold stamping paper is a new type of packaging bronzing base material, which has stronger anti-counterfeiting performance than general anodized aluminum, and can add text-style patterns as required, with a strong three-dimensional and realistic sense.

Scope of application:

Widely used in cigarette packs, greeting card handbags, wine boxes, cosmetic and health care product packaging boxes, cosmetic bottle caps, wine bottle caps, leather, fabric, UV hose, wood, household appliances, gussets, as well as passbooks, certificates , pencil, calendar, couplet, written, label. Household appliance panels, windows, telephone buttons and furniture, wood, decorative strips.

Applicable substrates:

Paper ink surface, UV varnish surface, glue/OPP film, tipping paper, hard plastic (ABS. PS. PP. PC. PVC, PET. TPU), PE hose. Glass, metal wood, cloth, leather, Fill the skin.


At present, there are more than 40 kinds of general patterns, as well as various special editions and special editions for positioning hot stamping.


There are silver, gold (light gold, gold). Bronze, red, green, blue (dark blue, light blue). Black coffee, transparent and other colors.

Storage method:

Normal temperature, dry and ventilated place, vertical placement, no deterioration within two years Hot stamping conditions: 1. Use manual hot stamping machine and semi-automatic hot stamping machine, and the hot stamping temperature is 90~110°C.

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