Kraft Paper Hardcover Notebook -Notebook Production ProcessUpdate:11 Jun 2020

Writing tools such as notepads, notebooks, and binders still have an irreplaceable position in today's electronic office. With the development of today's notebook, the application of new materials and the improvement of production technology have greatly changed the appearance and practicality of notebooks, notebooks, binders, etc.

Notebook material selection

1. The first is the cover material. Usually: leather, synthetic leather, microfiber, PVC artificial leather, PU synthetic leather (polyurethane), fabric, etc.

2. Application of paper.

 Dowling Paper: Also known as "Dolling Paper". A kind of more advanced paper, made of wood as raw material, according to the color of the paper, it can be divided into two types: beige doolin paper and beige doolin paper.

Die-made paper imitates Doolin paper, and its pulp is used paper, rags, etc.

The thin paper made of all-wood fiber pulp of Bible paper is commonly used to print the Bible, so it is called the Bible paper in China.

Recycled paper Broadly speaking, the used waste paper is recycled to make recycled pulp, and the paper produced by replacing the wood pulp with it can be called recycled paper.

The use of recycled paper has the following advantages:
1. It can slow down the cutting speed of forest resources and protect the ecological environment;

2. The service life of the landfill can be extended;

 3. Can save energy and reduce pollution;

4. It can reduce the fatigue of eye reading.

 Coated paper is made of molded paper as the paper core, and a layer of paint is added to the surface and calendered to fill the fiber gaps on the paper surface, and the printing effect is better. This paper is usually used to print color prints. Mainly used for illustrations on the inside pages of notebooks or advertising inserts.

3. Application of notebook accessories Hardware stationery clips, plastic stationery clips, metal clips D-type clips, O-type clips, S-type clips, Q-type clips, porous clips, loose-leaf clips, spring clips, quick-release clips (also known as West German clips) / Lever clip), plate clip, butterfly clip, universal manual special six-hole clip, magnet, wire, etc. Notebook production process 1. Abrasive production. Knife version, according to the opening of the notebook, such as 16K, 32K, 48k special-shaped size, etc., is used for rough cutting of various fabrics (leather, PU). 2. Manufacture of stamping mold for cover indentation. For example, the LOGO mold of the name of Huaben notebook is pressed onto various rough-cut fabrics by a compression molding machine. 3. Printing of inner pages, illustrations and advertising illustrations.

4. Make notebook cover by manual pressing, sewing and pasting, and add inner core and accessories. 5. Test the leather and paper. Through the above steps, a notebook can be delivered and used.

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