Kraft Paper Hardcover Notebook: Printing Effect Of Kraft Printing PaperUpdate:25 Mar 2020

Now the application of kraft printing paper in various fields has entered the homes of ordinary people, which has made customers' requirements for product quality increasingly higher. These undoubtedly bring new challenges to kraft paper manufacturers, packaging manufacturers, printers, etc. It can be said that the application of kraft printing paper has not only brought new opportunities to the packaging and printing industry, but also made them face a more severe test.



In fact, the moisture of kraft printing paper directly affects the printing effect and has a great impact on the characteristics of the paper. Moisture of kraft printing paper is also "volatile". Will be affected by changes in storage environment and production site. Generally speaking, the moisture content of kraft printing paper produced in the South will be relatively low because the local climate is relatively dry, but if the moisture content of kraft printing paper is too low, it will cause the paper to become brittle and cause static electricity during printing. However, when the kraft printing paper is improperly stored and subjected to ground gas, the paper will be too high in moisture. If the paper is used for printing at this time, the ink effect will not be very good and the ink will be difficult to dry.




In addition, the moisture of kraft printing paper will also affect the physical properties of the paper such as compression resistance, tensile resistance, flexibility, basis weight, and folding resistance. Sometimes customers always say that the purchased kraft printing paper is very flat when they leave the factory. Why does it appear curling, warping, wrinkling, lotus leaf edge, stretching and other phenomena after the purchase? Sometimes customers come to ask kraft paper manufacturers without discrimination, whether it is the quality of the paper. In fact, at this time we need to consider whether the moisture content of the paper has changed.


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