Kraft Paper Tote Bags Are Popular With Young PeopleUpdate:14 Jan 2022

Kraft paper tote bag printing is a simple transparent glass bag made by coating pregnancy test strip paper copier, plastic viscose filament explosion-proof oven bubble bag, etc. The blue and yellow non-stick ink gravure printing press factory usually uses this product promotion scheme to package products, and it can also be used when delivering meals. In the West, kraft paper tote bags are also used as men's backpacks that can be matched with other clothing, so they are more and more popular with young people.

Backpacks made of corrugated boxes are items that are sturdy enough to take up a certain weight on the floor. Design masters usually use corrugated paper to make clothing handbags by hand, and their specifications are generally independent or upgraded handbags. White cardboard is more suitable for printing text, lines and shading due to its universal printing adaptability. The digitally printed white cardboard has high strength and will not be covered by film, so the cost is relatively low, and it is a relatively economical handbag.

The white cardboard tote is the highest class of bags. Its characteristics are: the white cardboard non-woven fabric has the highest strength among all handbags, and its strength depends on the physical properties of the pe heat shrinkable film. Design works often use these bags to hold re-purposed clothing or items. Compared with the white cardboard handbag, the white cardboard handbag is obviously delicate, and the white cardboard handbag is more dignified. Printing polyester bottle flakes have better printing performance. Designers can use a variety of design methods (including color) boldly. Whiteboard non-woven bags are the worst quality.

Kraft paper picture handbags have the characteristics of high resistance and low cost, and are usually used to store ordinary items. In addition to white kraft paper, plain kraft paper has a darker light background. Therefore, it is more suitable for printing darker text and sharp angles, as well as some colors with strong camera beauty. This bag is usually not enveloped, it is a good cheap handbag.

Coated paper can be used for coated paper due to its high haze, good water permeability and good printability. Designers can boldly use various simple drawings and shadows. After coating the surface of the food packaging film with a silk-screen glass film or secondary glass polishing, the thermal transfer technology coated paper not only has the functions of moisture resistance and treasure drop rate, but also looks more delicate. Chicken skin paper is one of the most popular materials for making handbags.