Leather Can Be Classified According to The Characteristics After ProcessingUpdate:16 Sep 2022

Due to different manufacturing processes, bovine leather can be classified according to the characteristics after processing:

Full-grain cowhide leather is a product that is closest to the characteristics of natural raw leather. The grain layer is not destroyed in the tanning process, the pores are clearly visible, and the surface is not painted or lightly painted. It has both a natural and beautiful appearance. Comfortable and breathable performance, feel plump and elastic, is a high-quality cow leather. Generally suitable for making high-end leather shoes.

Some cowhide leather can not be used well because of many defects and defects. In the tanning process, the grain layer is ground first, and then repainted with special chemical materials. Various animal skin pore patterns or other styles can be ironed and pressed on the coating to achieve beautiful and practical effects. The strength is basically unchanged, but the feel and elasticity are slightly worse than that of cowhide full-grain leather. Generally suitable for making mid-range leather shoes.

The cowhide film leather is made of cowhide two-layer leather and three-layer leather as the base. After grinding, a layer of polymer film with leather patterns is attached (or sprayed) on its surface. The appearance of the leather treated in this way is almost the same as that of cowhide modified leather, but the breathability is slightly less. Generally suitable for making sports shoes and low-grade leather shoes. If the surface is covered with thicker glue or with a cloth-based film, although it feels similar to cow leather, its appearance and performance are closer to synthetic leather.

Cowhide (two-layer) suede The cow leather fiber layer is finely fluffy after grinding, and the surface is generally not subjected to any finishing except for dyeing. Therefore, it has good air permeability, but it is easy to absorb dust when worn on the outside. Resistant to oil stains.

Cowhide patent leather The cowhide leather surface is coated with a mirror-smooth, highly reflective lacquer.

After special processing, the cow leather has strong oiliness, good durability, and the surface is oily enough. Generally, the leather body is soft, and it is not easy to use shoe polish.

Cowhide bi-color effect leather There are two different color coatings when the cow leather surface is painted. Generally, the light color is on the lower layer, and the dark color is on the surface layer. At first glance, it is one color. After bending, the second color can be seen. After wearing for a period of time, the surface color It will be slowly worn away, gradually revealing the light-colored parts, resulting in a two-color effect, which is full of natural feeling.

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