Moleskine Notebooks Designed for Different PurposesUpdate:02 Apr 2022

Moleskine's notebooks come in many varieties, specially designed for different purposes. What kind of product you choose depends on what you want to do with it.

The most famous use of Moleskine is of course painting. First, it is used by many artists, and second, it is convenient for publicity. In fact, the main purpose of Moleskine is to write, and it has the most products for writing.

Moleskine is actually a more traditional notebook, and it feels great in the hand. Although there are several other models that are unqualified, I still think this one is better. There is no restriction of grid lines, whether writing or drawing is free. However, it is recommended not to use wet brushes such as watercolors when drawing, as the pages are thin and easy to penetrate. You can write with any pen, but never use a brush. It is best to use a pencil when drawing, but it does not matter if it is colored.

If you have to use a painting format such as watercolor, Moleskine's latest Watercolour Notebook is specially designed for it. But the most important thing is to see your own choice, this is just my personal suggestion.

In my case, I mainly use it for journaling, and I use a small, unlined notebook. You can use it to write and draw, and it is my favorite Moleskine product.

Recently Huifeng has launched a lot of new Moleskine products. You are also welcome to choose, there is always one for you: Moleskine style notebook.