Moleskine Style Notebook Design And QualityUpdate:06 Aug 2020

The design and quality of the Moleskine notebook makes it truly stand out.

They are really simple. A small notebook with a bound and elastic seal, and a ribbon bookmark is tied in the spine. They are available in multiple page types: grid, blank, ruler, etc. There are also various sizes, from X to pocket sizes. My personal favorite is 5.4'x 8.4´size.

1. Durability
Sheepskin is extremely durable. Once I drove on the roof of the car, it actually survived. If you want to buy field records in the UK, you can do it easily.

2. Keep everything together
Even for work, I like a diary instead of more than one notebook. I think the benefits of putting all your notes in the same place outweigh the need to use two or three notebooks. The key is simplicity

3. Variety
There is a Moleskine that can meet everyone's purpose and needs. From pocket to big. Form paperback, hardcover. There is a Moleskine for you. Over the years, I have tried various types.

4. Matters needing attention
Moleskine notebooks are great for taking notes. This is the ideal size. Since the paper is thick, it will not ooze. It is also very unremarkable, making it an ideal choice for conference environments. In a group setting, taking notes on a computer or PDA is still prominent.

5. Brainstorming
In addition to taking notes, when brainstorming a new project, I also like to do a complete two-page expansion in a Moleskine notebook. It only provides perfect space for drawing, writing and laying out other ideas related to the project.

6. Diary
Diaries are another reason people fall in love with Moleskines. I do this sometimes, but my diary is usually done on the computer at home.

7. Eliminates loose paper
Whether it's quick notes or voice mail, all of these have entered my Moleskine notebook. Gone are the days of searching for confetti or post-it notes. Just flip through my Moleskine. Each Moleskine also has a small pocket on the bottom cover, perfect for capturing receipts or business cards before they are processed.


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