Moleskine Style Notebook-Discover Premium Notebook PaperUpdate:30 Jul 2020

1. Finish
This is easy: if the paper is smooth, not only will it look better, but it will also feel good to the touch. What you might want to avoid is paper with too much pulp. Too much pulp will cause short fibers, and the pen tip will absorb short fibers. This can be particularly annoying if you are using a pen. (All these tiny fibers will accumulate in the annoying fluffy ball, which must be removed from the pen.)


However, you may not want the paper to be too smooth. Paper that is too smooth or coated (such as paper in magazines) will be difficult to write on. You will not be able to create the necessary friction for the ballpoint pen, and the ink from the pen will not be easily absorbed into the paper. To sum up: You want the paper to be smooth but not too smooth.



2. The smallest feather
Feathering is when the ink is smudged on the page, especially at the edges of writing. (For an example, see the figure on the right.) This is usually caused by low grade or thin paper absorbing too much ink. However, fine paper usually prevents excessive absorption and ensures that the ink remains on the surface.



3. High opacity
The thinness of the paper is also related to the degree to which the ink bleeds out to the other side of the page (or "bleed through"). This is related to the "opacity" of the paper (that is, "the properties of the paper hinder the transmission of light and the transparency of printing.") Generally, the lower the opacity of the paper, the more ink will bleed out on the other side of the page. In extreme cases, ink may seep into the following pages. Anyone who has experienced this firsthand knows it-it does not bring a pleasant writing experience! High-quality paper will always have high opacity and almost no print-through.



4. The ink dries fast
Finally, the speed at which pen ink dries on the page has also increased. Sometimes this may be related to the choice of ink, but usually the paper will affect the drying time. If the ink dries too slowly: Your handwriting can easily be wiped off or smudged before it enters the page. (This is especially problematic for left-handers, who tend to rub their fresh writing immediately with their hands!) Usually, you want the ink to dry quickly!


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