Moleskine Style Notebook-How To Choose Paper For Notebook?Update:22 May 2020

How to choose a good notebook depends not only on the material of the cover of the notebook, but also the quality of the paper on the inside pages of the notepad has become the most concerned issue for customized customers. Choose notepad, how to choose notebook paper?

1. Paper Quality The papers commonly used in Chaohua Notepad include beige and beige Daolin paper, double-coated paper, and all-wood pulp paper. Beige Daolin paper is good for protecting eyesight and has a delicate touch.

2. Paper thickness The thickness of Chaohua Notepad paper is 70g, 80g, 100g and 120g. Grams represent the density of paper. 80g paper is slightly thinner than 100g paper. Both types of paper can be used for inner pages, but 80g paper is slightly thinner and the brush stroke will be softer.

3. The color of the paper is beige and beige, and the color is very soft, which is conducive to protecting the eyes. Pure white paper, white has a stimulating effect on human eyes under strong light. Looking at white paper for a long time will cause eyestrain and tears easily;

4, the smoothness of the paper
Good paper surface is smooth and smooth, writing is smooth, low-quality paper, writing with astringent feeling, the paper has more noise.


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