Moleskine Style Notebook is Beautiful And PracticalUpdate:26 Aug 2022

Office workers need an exquisite notebook every day. They need to be good-looking, easy to use and special. Moleskine's notebook does my part.

I still remember my first Moleskine notebook. After I bought it, I was reluctant to write it. Many friends even bought a lot of them for collection. Moleskine's brand has spread all over the world, and there are countless co-branded models with major brands. The principal had a drink at Starbucks abroad before, and the clerk could also recommend their cooperation models to me.

They not only have notebooks, but also backpacks, wallets and even digital product protective cases. The most famous one is of course their notebooks. Generally, it can be seen from two dimensions: type and style. The type is based on the type of notes you want to record, from blank, grid, calendar, notes to kitchen, etc., and the style is from business, daily, life to pocket.

Mainly applicable scenarios: morning negotiations, collecting enthusiasts, increasing interest in learning, improving work efficiency, travel records, etc. All of the above can satisfy you need a notebook to apply where and what to do.

And the face value is simply beyond your imagination. Now I know why there are many people who buy it for collection, and the limited edition of the joint name is really too much.


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