Moleskine Style Notebook-Unified Notation: 5 StepsUpdate:29 May 2020

Many people's notebooks are too finely divided, some are used specifically to record diaries, some are used to record reading notes, some are used to record life expenses, record work, etc. The original intention is to facilitate classification and summary, I used to be like this Yes, but there is a problem with this complicated note system. Once you forget to record one day, this book will be left blank, and then you slowly lose the motivation to continue writing, so many notebooks use less than half It was refrigerated.

The "unified note method" may seem messy, but it effectively solves this problem. When you keep all the content in one book, so that the content scattered in multiple notebooks will be recorded together, the usage rate of one notebook will increase. When you slowly fill up a book with the content, you will be very successful in your heart. Sense, so you will find yourself gradually falling in love with this rhythm. This is why I chose the "unified notebook method".

In the "How to Organize Information Effectively" book, the operation flow of "unified note method" is divided into five steps: collection, chewing, fermentation, epiphany and concretization


Whether it is work at work, life experience, reading notes, or anything else, record all you want to remember.

sort out.

If it is just simple information accumulation, it is not likely to make it valuable, so we need to structure and process the collected information if we want to process and organize the information.

The so-called structured processing is to mark and classify all materials according to their own sorting intentions. For example, if you organize materials for writing, you can mark them as "viewpoint", "case", and "person" according to your materials , "Golden Sentences", "Environmental Description", "Character Description", etc., this should be divided according to your own writing direction.


The author introduces three methods of card reorganization, large paper transplantation, and collage of copies to help myself create. My understanding is to use the materials I have collected to choose an appropriate perspective to write articles.

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