New Stationery Bought Every Year, Retro Strip NotebookUpdate:24 Feb 2021

It’s the beginning of the school season again. It’s the link to buy a notebook once a year. I have written a lot of notebook recommendations before, but after the enthusiasm, it will be abandoned. I have a lot of notebooks, pens, and tape at home, but I still want to buy a notebook every year. The enthusiasm retreated, and the books that I could really use and the books I wanted gradually became clear, and finally found that the most basic horizontal lines and dot-matrix inner pages were more practical.

The styles of hardcover notebooks are varied, including coated paper, kraft paper, PU, ​​discoloration leather and so on. There is also a strip hardcover notebook that has become very popular in recent years. Let's take a brief look:

The strap hardcover notebook design is more user-friendly, convenient and fast, and can bring greater convenience to your life and work. Carrying an elegant style notebook with you can instantly enhance your taste of life. The notebook core is made of high-quality paper, and the writing is smooth, bringing a better creative experience.

The design of the cover band of the notebook carefully protects the book. While the corners of the book are not easy to fold, it also prevents the files in the book from falling.

As for the color, pattern, and cover material of the notebook, there are many and varied, and customers can choose according to their preferences.

If you need to buy or wholesale hardcover notebooks, please feel free to contact Zhejiang Huangyan Huifeng Stationery CO., Ltd.