Notebook Cover Material Highlights QualityUpdate:21 Oct 2022

What materials are commonly used for notebook cover printing?

Notebook covers directly affect consumers' first impressions of notebooks. A good notebook cover not only needs to have exquisite appearance design, but also needs to be printed with suitable materials. So what printing materials are usually used for notebook cover printing? What kind of material is more suitable for printing notebook covers?

The most commonly used materials for notebook covers are as follows:

1. Kraft paper. The most prominent feature of kraft paper is that it is durable and relatively inexpensive. In order to overcome the disadvantage of the darker background color of kraft paper, it is best for the printing factory to use a design with strong color contrast in the design.

2. Coated paper. And if you use a kraft paper tote bag, the coated paper tote bag has moderate firmness. Coated paper has good printability and high whiteness and gloss. Designers can choose corresponding materials to match according to the concept of the enterprise. In addition, the coated paper coated with glossy film or matt film is not only moisture-proof and durable, but also more delicate and beautiful.

3. White cardboard. As one of the most high-end handbags, the handbag made of white cardboard is durable and uniform in color. It is generally used for high-end flat notebooks and is the first choice for notebook production and printing designated by many well-known brands.

Notebooks printed with different materials give people different feelings, and friends in need can choose materials according to their own needs. In addition to choosing materials to make notebooks, it is more important to choose a company that can provide high-quality printing services. Huifeng has advanced printing equipment and the most professional and technical personnel to provide our customers with affordable and high-quality hardcover notebook products. You are also welcome to contact us for customization.00