Precautions For Hot Stamping On The Cover of Digital PrintingUpdate:17 Jun 2022

In the design, plate making, and offset printing of commodity packaging, a comprehensive analysis should be carried out, and things should be expected more comprehensively. Generally speaking, the striking, luxurious and beautiful feeling of the gold-printed products on the cover of the album should be highlighted. Today, we will talk about the printing precautions of gold stamping notebooks. If you are interested, please read on:

①When designing the printing color sequence, you should consider putting gold on the back.

②Put gold on black, red, and blue solids as much as possible, so that there is a base color laying and bottoming effect, and the gloss of the printed products printed with gold is better.

③ In the same area, it is not possible to print gold with a large area of gold background color and text together. In this case, there are both solid gold printing and small gold printing characters. However, the amount of ink used for the full version of gold printing is large. However, when the amount of text and lines is large, there will be a problem of pasting, and it is not easy to control the amount of ink used.

④Try to avoid crystallization after the main color and large area are superimposed, so that the offset printing gold cannot be printed.

⑤ Design a background color as much as possible when designing the product packaging of products with offset printing gold. Generally, a fake golden transparent yellow is printed first, and then gold powder is printed. The effect is very good.

⑥ In the process of product packaging and decoration design, there are gold-printed lines, images, and words, which should not be too thin in general.

⑦The surface of the blanket is severely worn, glowing, hardened, and used for a long time, so it is necessary to replace the blanket with a new one for gold printing.

In my opinion, no matter what technical method is used, good quality is required to achieve the intended purpose. Of course, the innovation of new technology is indispensable to the generation of new machines, which creates more conditions for the innovation of bronzing technology. The working rate has been improved, and of course, it is expected that this technology can rapidly innovate and have new breakthroughs. Better quality and higher efficiency.

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