PU Hardcover Notebook Supplier -About The Customization Of Leather NotebookUpdate:23 Apr 2020

1. What materials are used to make conventional advertising notebooks and notebook covers?

Answer: Including all kinds of PU leather, genuine leather, pvc, oil paper, and various colors and textures.

2. What are the forms of notebook cover ads?

Answer: There are methods such as branding, bronzing, silver bronzing, silk printing, laser printing, etc. Because branding is elegant and durable, it is more popular for its durability.

3. What kind of paper is generally used for the inner pages of advertising gifts notebooks and notebooks, what are the general page numbers, and what are the binding methods?

Answer: Daolin paper is generally used for high-end notebooks (natural yellowish color, no damage to eyesight, all wood pulp paper, environmental protection and non-toxic), and ordinary notebooks mostly use Daolin paper. Generally it is 70-80 grams and 100-120 sheets, which can be increased or decreased according to customer requirements; the binding is made of wire-wrapped plastic bags or stainless steel ring binders.

4. How to create advertisements on the inner pages of notebooks?

Answer: You can add corporate introductions, corporate products, etc., and you can make footers and headers for writing pages. We have personal information, annual calendar, domestic direct dial area code and zip code, international long-distance area code and other general column templates can also be printed according to the special needs of customers.

5. What is the starting volume and what is the price?

Answer: Generally, the minimum order quantity is 300-500 copies, and the price is calculated according to the style, quantity and printing requirements selected by the customer.

6. What is the packaging?

Answer: The above prices are only provided with pp bag outer packaging, if necessary, other packaging can be purchased separately
7. The price of notebooks is mainly related to those factors?

Answer: It is mainly related to the selected three factors of "material and production process, specification size, production quantity".

8. How long does the production cycle take?

Answer: According to the quantity and the level of requirements, it is generally delivered within a few days after finalization.

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