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Are you like me, full of curiosity and doubts, what do you do to record a bunch of messy information? Can it be used? Is it time-consuming and troublesome to organize it? Let us take a look at what is unique about How to Effectively Organize Information.



Just an ordinary paper notebook

No matter when and where, you only need an ordinary notebook. There are no style and specification requirements. Neither Cornell notebooks nor grid notebooks are needed. The author recommends A5 size ordinary paper notebooks. Choose the one you like. Cover design, use your favorite pen. Use one book and change one.



Therefore, there is no ideological burden. You don’t need to look around for a notebook, and you don’t need to worry about it. What color pen should be used to write it down in that notebook, and there is no need to rush to find the record when things are about to come. Where is it? As long as you follow the three rules of unification, sequentialization, and indexing, you can remember it if you want.



Whether it is "recorded notes" such as work ideas, memos, books and movies, or "pasted notes" such as message records and meeting abstracts, news clippings and magazine advertisements confessed by superiors, what you have to do is to put these contents All included in a notebook.



Nobuyuki Okuno integrated the creative process into the following 5 steps.


Step 1: Collect-accumulate common sense and knowledge as a research topic

Step 2: Chew-read, recall, and think deeply about the accumulated information

Step 3: Fermentation-break away from the subject and think subconsciously

Step 4: Epiphany-the birth of creativity, suddenly exclaimed "Understood!" "Found it!"

Step 5: Concretize-turn ideas into results.


Notes are an important bridge between information input and knowledge production, as well as a creative incubator and production workshop. American advertising master James Webb Young pointed out that “the so-called creativity is just a recombination of the original elements.” For this reason, we must reread our notes frequently, flip through from front to back, process past information, and cut newspapers. Dig new discoveries, supplement or modify original ideas, so that you can surely get valuable ideas from your notes.



In the past, my notes were finished, and its mission basically ended. According to the 5 steps of Nobuyuki Okuno's idea, the problem occurred in the second step. The ancients said: "Read a book a hundred times, and its meaning is self-evident." Nowadays, a book is too big to read a hundred times. However, it is very possible to read the notes repeatedly to deepen the understanding of the books, generate their own ideas, and produce knowledge.



In short, knowledge production needs to be pondered. It does not need to express what everyone knows. It needs to put forward ideas that make people shine and unexpected. Then, repeated reading and daily accumulation to the fermentation of information and the burst of creativity are indispensable.



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