PU Leather Notebook Product IntroductionUpdate:19 Nov 2021

Material: cover PU leather, inner page can be customized paper.

Exclusive customized content:

1. Print LOGO and text on the cover: you can choose the effects of bronzing, silver, and embossing (also called hot stamping).

2. Inside page plus insert: you can choose monochrome printing or color printing.

3. Print LOGO or text on the inner page: Print LOGO or text on each page of the existing universal version of the inner page.

4. Re-printing of inner pages: According to customer requirements, print the inner pages in a format designed by the customer.

The equipment is advanced and automated production line, and the printing production process is standardized and streamlined.

Senior experience 20 years of printing production experience, a well-known printing brand enterprise in China.

High-quality service One-to-one customer service, integration of design and printing.

The cover of this hardcover notebook is made of exquisite PU leather, and the design and craftsmanship coexist with excellence. The inner pages of paper are fluent in writing and not easy to penetrate, which can meet your writing requirements. Unique splicing method adds a sense of fashion in business.

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