PU Notebook-3 Reasons To Need A Paper NotebookUpdate:15 May 2020

In the information age, why do we use paper notebooks? Zhejiang Huangyan Huifeng Stationery Co., Ltd., as a professional paper notebook manufacturer and art paper notebook organizer in China, elaborated for several reasons:

Records are not just records. The recorded information can not only become our memories, but also play a greater role.

The author of "How to Organize Information Effectively" Okuno Xuanzhi mentioned in his book that the notes are for "knowledge production" services, and for the purpose of knowledge production, the use of a paper notebook is the best choice.

Throughout the book, the following three reasons are summarized:

Reason one: the record is simple
In fact, the use of paper notebooks is not that complicated at all. In order to make our recording behavior more operable and easier, Okuno Xuanzhi introduced us to his "unified note method".

The so-called unified note method means that there is no need to classify, and all information you want to record needs to be included in this notebook in chronological order.

The advantage of this is that anytime, anywhere, no matter what occasion, as long as you need to record, there is no such trouble as "Where should I write?"; Or when you need to find notes, it is in your hands. It will never be in other places.



Reason two: the chain memory brought by paper records

If it is only a benefit of "fetch and use", then the electronic recording method is obviously not inferior to paper notebooks, and in many cases the recording efficiency is still higher than that of paper notebooks. But the advantage of paper records that an electronic record can never reach is that it can bring chain memories.

The friends who have studied the memory method may have a certain concept of chained memory. Chained memory is like starting from a hint, a clue, a cheat, and a key, and interlocking all the data. Like singing, although the lyrics are forgotten, when the melody sounds, the lyrics will be brought out one after another.

There are four rules to remember in this way:
First, use specific images to connect the images;

Second, when we connect images, the two images must have visual contact;

3. When associating, the images must be connected in pairs;

Fourth, use the same image to connect the two images.

Looking closely at these four rules, all are related to the image. And when we use paper notebooks to record, it is when we form images in our minds.


Reason three: Become a creative material library

The so-called creativity is just to regroup the original elements.

Even if the essence of creativity is so simple, it seems that it is not easy for us to generate ideas. In "How to Organize Information Effectively", Okuno Xuanzhi summarized the five steps to generate ideas:

1. Collect

2. Chew

3. Fermentation

4. Epiphany

5. Reification

The first three of these five steps rely on our usual records. Simply recording our daily life may seem meaningless, but one day in the future, when you reopen it, you may have different ideas. And this idea will be recorded again, and then it will cause more thinking.

Persisting in the record itself prompts you to think. Over time, the ordinary notebook at hand becomes your life material library, and it will become the cornerstone of your creativity.

It is precisely this truth that Okunano ’s ten years of insisting on the “unified note method” has proved. Sorting out information is too hard, too difficult, and too difficult to persist. It is better to throw everything into the same notebook. This may also be a kind of life wisdom.

In any case, recording information is not just for recording. The recorded information should play its value. As long as the information in our own material library is used and becomes the seed of knowledge production, then it will be of great significance.


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