PU Notebook-About Leather NotebookUpdate:19 Feb 2020

Leather notebook refers to the notebook used to record all kinds of things made of leather.

Leather notebook cover materials are often made of imitation leather PU, leather, PP, fabric and metal. The binding forms are: paperback, loose-leaf, ring-bound, and hardcover.

Leather notebooks incorporate corporate advertisements (such as corporate logos, personalized decorations, etc.) in the cover, or insert pens, documents, cards and business cards in addition to recorded things, in order to promote the corporate culture and brand image of the advertising model, not just An elegant and practical gift of traditional culture is a messenger for promoting corporate image and advertising products.

Leather notebooks are widely used in conferences, celebrations, gifts, promotions, housewarming, welfare and other fields. They have the characteristics of long-lasting advertising information and strong impact, and are ideal publicity materials to spread the brand and enhance the corporate image.

Leather notebooks are generally divided into two categories: loose-leaf notebooks and paperback notebooks. Common specifications are: 16K (255 * 183mm), 20K (206 * 183mm), 25K (206 * 140mm), 36K (165 * 125mm), 48K (165 * 90mm).

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