PU Notebook ExplainedUpdate:14 Apr 2020

PU leather is an abbreviation of English ployurethane, chemical Chinese name polyurethane, also known as PU leather. PU leather is widely used in the production of leather loose-leaf notebooks.

PU notebook making
When PU is equipped with leather, the second layer of cowhide leather is generally used on the reverse side, and then a layer of PU resin is coated on the surface, so it is also called film cowhide. Such PU leather is environmentally friendly, has the feel of real leather, and is durable. The leather loose-leaf notebook produced is very beautiful.
PU notebook production features
PU is a synthetic leather and a fake leather. Based on environmentalism, PU, ​​a synthetic material, has the texture of real leather, is also very strong and durable, and is inexpensive.
The other two layers of pigskin are not PU. PU skin is made by crushing some broken skins and adding binders after crushing. The pressed skins are still made of skins, but not naturally grown skins. As long as it is animal fur, no matter how many layers of skin, it is better than PU skin.
PU notebook production classification
PU materials: ordinary PU materials, PU materials, PU color-changing materials. On the one hand, PU color-changing materials are widely used in the production of leather loose-leaf notebooks. Using PU color-changing materials to make loose-leaf notebooks, we will use embossing process to make notebook cover LOGO. Embossed on PU color-changing material will produce a natural color depth, simple process and beautiful sample.
PU notebook making application
PU materials are widely used and are very popular in leather loose-leaf notebooks. PU material has the texture of real leather, good quality, and durable; but the price is much cheaper than real leather.
The leather loose-leaf notebook made of PU material is high-end, exquisite, environmentally friendly and fashionable. Many custom-made notebook customers like to use PU materials.
PU notebook production and maintenance
1. PU leather loose-leaf notebook is best to use detergent + paper (do not use corrosive detergent); 2. Wring dry with a clean wet towel, gently wipe the surface of leather notebook, once a week ; 3. If there are stains or oil stains on the surface, wipe them with a clean wet sponge and a mild detergent, and then let them dry naturally.
If there are skincare products in your home that have expired and cannot be used, don't throw them away. They can be used to wipe the leather notes, which is very effective for the maintenance of the leather. There are also ladies who have made mask paper and wiped the loose-leaf notebook, which is also very effective.

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