PU notebook -How To Make A Notebook?Update:02 Jul 2020

You may use your notebook every day. It comes in handy for everything-meeting notes, to-do lists and quirky poems from your teens. Therefore, it is necessary to know how all these papers are put together.


What are all the steps to make a notebook? How are these papers bound together? Prepare to record the process from start to finish!


What is pulp?
Pulp is a wood-based renewable material that can be used in a variety of paper products. It can be found not only on notebooks, but also on paper towels, napkins, magazines, labels, cardboard, food packaging and even clothing.


When understanding the production of paper notebooks, one must be familiar with pulp. This material plays a key role in the entire manufacturing process.

Notebook production method: step by step
Not only can notebooks grow on trees. Wait... they actually do it. Let us understand in detail the entire notebook making process and how to turn pulp into paper!

This is how to make a notebook:

Step 1: Cut and grind the trees into pulp.
Step 2: Clean the pulp, drain the water, and possibly color it with dyes or bleach.
Step 3: The next step is beating, which includes squeezing and beating until all the paste is stuck together.
Step 4: Put the newly formed paper into the giant roller to smooth it and compress it further.
Step 5: Add detailed information to the page, such as lines, holes, logos or designs.
Step 6: Use the required materials to make the cover of the notebook and cut it to fit the paper.
Step 7: Bind the hardcover notebooks in the same way as the books, and fix the spiral bound notebooks together with thin metal wires.
Step 8: Prepare to use the notebook!


Last optional step: custom notebook

Some notebooks have designs or text on the cover. These are useful gifts for weddings, fundraising events, company trade shows and various other events.


The design on the cover is usually printed by screen printing, digital printing or gravure printing. From there, all about finding creative ways to use custom notebooks.



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