Seawind Stationery Concise Business StyleUpdate:07 Jul 2021

Product introduction of Huangyan Huifeng seawind stationery simple business imitation leather notebook with buckle:

1) Cover specifications: A5, A6, customized

2) Cover material: golden floral leather

3) G number of paper: 80g 80 sheets of FSC ivory white paper, the number of grammage sheets can be customized

4) Inner core printing: lines/squares/weekly calendars/annual calendars, etc., CMYK printing

5) Binding: Glue binding

Other instructions: excellent quality, fast delivery, safe packaging

Here, you can find the source of inspiration. Seawind stationery is more than just a notebook, it is a bit of polish. It is not just a memory, but a mottled golden years. It is not only knowledge, but precious experience of precipitation.

The hardcover notebook has won wide acclaim from users and merchants at home and abroad for its beautiful shape, refined packaging, super decontamination function and excellent quality that does not damage the paper.

The characters typed by the computer are only a form, but the text recorded by oneself is a permanent one. The change started when I met the Huifeng hardcover notebook.