Seawind Stationery -Customization Notes For Business NotebooksUpdate:22 Jan 2020

Printed Logo notebook is a kind of practical office gift, which can be customized according to the requirements of the enterprise. No matter from the material, the customized process, or the core, paper, etc., it can be customized according to the requirements of the enterprise. These flexible and customizable items have made notebooks popular with businesses. So, do you know how a business notebook is customized?
Beautiful cover
Notebook cover materials mainly include: PVC, PU, ​​discolored PU, leather, felt, fabric, etc. Nowadays, PU and color-changing PU are becoming more and more popular. Notebooks have a lot of logo printing processes: embossing, bronzing, silver stamping, silk screen, UV, etc. Different processes show different effects.
2. Rich inner "core"
The internal pages of the notebook can also be customized, such as pen positions, card positions, personal information pages, memo pads, calendars and other functional pages, and corporate color pages can also be printed.

3. Quality paper
Commonly used notebook papers are: conventional 80g Dowling paper, 80g Huajin paper and 80g Jinhuasheng paper. Conventional 80 g Dowling paper. This kind of high-quality paper has small elasticity, uniform ink absorption and good smoothness.
The texture is tight and opaque, strong in water resistance, and has a strong three-dimensional impression. The remaining 80 grams of Huajin paper and 80 grams of Jinhuasheng paper are also economical choices. The coloring page is a conventional 180g copper plate, which is good in both paper thickness and quality.
4. Flexible style
There are two commonly used types: loose-leaf book and bound book. The bound book is divided into paperback and mounting. The loose-leaf book can be disassembled and used at will, which is more convenient. Perfect binding is more stable and atmospheric. No matter which one you choose, you can use it with various usage scenarios.
5. Special customization requirements
Special customization: notebook add pen slot, multifunctional notebook (add computer, mobile power, etc.)
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