Seawind Stationery-How Do Companies Choose Quality Notepads?Update:27 Jan 2020

The company's customized notepads have higher requirements for notepads, and the appearance is the first impression, so the cost-effective notepad design is very important. So how do we achieve a cost-effective notepad?

First, the color is generally selected according to the company's culture, and each color can show her high-end fashion beauty.

Second, the choice of style is also based on the company's habits. Most companies prefer simple, classic and elegant styles that reflect details.

Third, the notepad cover logo printing design should coordinate the entire notepad cover.

Fourth, the combination of notepads, as a company's notepad, of course, it is best to match high-end signature pens, outer packaging gift boxes, so that the overall presentation will feel more high-end, more like.

Five.As a company's customized notepad, it can also be designed according to some current popular elements or styles that match the company.

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