Seawind Stationery-Notebook Industry Develops WellUpdate:18 Mar 2020

Notebooks are now full of variety and variety of stationery for students. More are "toy stationery" with many functions. For elementary students with naive curiosity, these stationery have great temptation and also created a big market for businesses. Of course, for the study of students, the appearance design of stationery must have a degree. If it exceeds a certain level, it will make it difficult for students to focus on their studies, which is not good for students.

All in all, the prospect of the domestic stationery market is very impressive. As a well-known domestic stationery brand with deeper qualifications, it has been proactively approaching the international market. Its customers are in Southeast Asia, Europe, the Americas, and the Middle East and other countries and regions.

Notebooks are at stationery counters, and some products are dazzlingly priced, but even so, high-end stationery sales are still booming. Mid-range product design and workmanship are also very good, and the appearance is also very beautiful. From the actual sales of pens, pencil cases and other stationery, mid-range products also occupy a considerable part of the market, and cheap low-end stationery is It's hard to be satisfied, and few people care about it. The general trend of stationery design should develop in the direction of simplicity and practicality. Like the previous eraser with a wheel and a pen with a left button and a right button, it is complicated and impractical. Now like some hardcover books, compared with old-fashioned notebooks, the paper is white and thick, with good printing, and has obvious advantages; like a gel pen, the writing is smooth and smooth, the quality of the refill is good, and it will not leak oil. , More market than ordinary ballpoint pens.

In the notebook stationery industry, as the stationery specialty stores and specialized markets gradually mature, the influence of the stationery wholesale market has gradually decreased. This requires the operator's management level and service connotation to be extended to high levels. Brand-based middle-to-high-end products will become the mainstream of consumption. In addition, as people's awareness of environmental protection increases, non-toxic and stationery products made of recycled materials Will become the mainstream of consumption. Multifunctional stationery has toy function, novel form and low price, so it is welcomed by students. Compared with traditional stationery, today's stationery is not only an update of materials, but also more and more innovative and convenient.

And from the transformation of traditional shopping methods, it can be seen that Internet consumption has not reached its peak, and there is still a lot of room for improvement in the future. I believe that the notebook industry will strive to become better with this trend.

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