Seawind Stationery -Selection Of Notebook Cover MaterialUpdate:19 Dec 2019

Nowadays, many business units will choose to customize some exclusive notepads in the context of business gifts, group meetings, employee memorabilia, etc., for advertising or to enhance the sense of collective honor, but although there are not many categories of notepads, they are enough People pick flowers, leather, hard, soft, coil, etc. Zhejiang Huangyan Huifeng Stationery Co., Ltd. elaborated the differences and choices of various types of notebook covers.



1.First of all, let's talk about leather books. The cover book is high-end atmosphere, which is very suitable for companies to give to customers. The leathers commonly used in the market are leather, ordinary PU and PU discolored leather. The price and quality are just from high to low. The characteristics of leather materials are not suitable for complex patterns. Some simple graphic characters can be printed, such as logos, business unit names, etc. You can choose the appropriate leather materials according to your needs.


2.Followed by PP and PVC, this material makes the notepad very fashionable because of its characteristics. Because it is a plastic material, the pattern is difficult to add a bit, but it is made transparent, and the coloring page is used to set it off. The most important thing is that plastic is more plastic than other materials.


3.This book is the most paper product. Of course, the cover can also use jammed paper. There are white and black cards. As a paper material, the pattern printing is very free. Generally, as long as you design it, it can be printed on it. Because white cardboard is white, it supports printing in all colors, and black cardboard is not so obvious because of its black background. You can choose according to the actual situation.


4.Kraft paper is special and can be used for both the cover and inner pages, depending on the thickness. The color of kraft paper is yellow, so that the color system will be limited. Its characteristic is that the form of kraft paper will look classic and historical throughout the book, so you can choose this type of pursuit of personality.


5.The largest type of book is the hard copy with special paper as the cover. There are many types of hard copies, and those that cannot be achieved by ordinary printing methods can be achieved with special paper. The biggest one is coated paper, which is a type that can be printed with any pattern you imagine, and even can be wrapped with sackcloth to make the book unique. The disadvantage is that the book does not appear to be high-end leather.



This is some of the materials commonly used in book covers. In most cases, the leather book is the most used one. Generally, we can choose the appropriate book according to our actual situation.



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