Several Common Craft Forms of Notebook Notepad DesignUpdate:19 Feb 2022

Have you noticed how many times we spend a lot of time designing layouts and images on the cover of our notebooks, but the results are often subpar, and it always feels like the class hasn't improved. At present, we can consider to spend some thought on the production process.

First of all, what is the printing process? It's like renovating a house and finishing the finishing process on the walls, like wallpaper, with a nice pattern printed on it. We can print it directly, or it can be frosted, or it can be mirror with gloss. These craftsmanship enriches the texture of the walls in the home, showing the host family's focus on quality of life. The same goes for the cover of a notebook notepad. The following are several common craft forms of notebook design for your reference:

1. Over UV process

UV is a surface brightening process and the material used is resin. The surface is UV treated and will feel very shiny and scratch resistant. It works best with spot UVs, and the purpose is to enhance the smooth texture of specific parts. The effect is different when used on different paper. For example, for matte paper, the parts that have been exposed to UV locally will have a different feel from the matte paper.

2. Convex process

Apply pressure to the paper or leather with an abrasive tool to create a bump effect. It is often used for signs and topical treatments, and may have a squat feel when touched. It is a relatively low-key luxury craft usually used in gift box packaging.

3. Stamping and silver plating process

Gold and silver film materials are used to heat gold and silver films onto paper through a high temperature heating process. Usually, this process is printed directly on the logo, which is relatively suitable for gold stamping notebook covers that require a clean, high-end and atmospheric style.

4. Hollowing process

As the name suggests, hollowing out means hollowing out the paper. The cutout can highlight the cutout shape, and you can also see the information or screen below through the cutout shape, which plays a role in focusing the vision.

Through the introduction of the above common processes, we can choose and use them according to our needs, so that the design of the notebook notepad is more textured and shows high-end temperament. Investments in notebook notepad printing technology can also reflect the company's emphasis on quality.

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